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APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction

Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Ann Keen MP,
Minister for Health Services,
October 14, 2008

Ann Keen MP
Minister for Health Services
Richmond House
79 Whitehall

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dear Ann,

I am chair of the APPG on Involuntary Tranquiliser Addiction. As you know there is very little data available on the treatment and withdrawal for involuntary tranquiliser addiction. This problem is ruining lives and condemning many of our constituents to years of misery languishing on benefits and unable to contribute to society.

This long term condition is badly served by the existing systems in place and little progress seems to be made. Most involuntary tranquilliser addicts are desperate to come off these highly addictive substances prescribed by their doctors but are receiving little help.

In Oldham, Barry Haslam, a well known campaigner and ex addict, has persuaded his PCT to set up withdrawal services and they have had notable success. We would like to see these services replicated across the NHS allowing people to come off these drugs, come off benefits and return to work.

This system is funded by the NHS and I am sure you would be a welcome visitor there. I would like to suggest that you arrange a visit to Oldham to see for yourself the wonderful and cost effective work that goes on there. I am sure you will find much good practice that could be introduced throughout the UK thus providing a win win situation for the NHS and the addicts.

Yours sincerely

Jim Dobbin MP, Chair

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