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Dedicated to the responsible & informed use of addictive prescription drugs
Education · Advocacy · Research · Support

Dr Reg Peart, President · Joan Gadsby, Vice-President
Professor Heather Ashton, Medical Adviser
Geraldine Burns, Secretary · Joe Burns, Treasurer

All Enquiries, Donations etc to:
The Benzodiazepine Awareness Network International
3 Searle Road · Boston · Massachusetts 02132 · USA
Email Contact: Geraldine Burns


The Benzodiazepine Awareness Network International is a unique, not for profit organization established for the following purposes:

  • To spread up to date information on the widespread, but not fully understood, health problems that misuse of benzodiazepines commonly referred to as minor tranquillizers are causing in the general population.

  • To provide educational materials to physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals on the dangers of the prolific misprescription and abuse of benzos.

  • To provide educational materials to the millions of people who have become dependent on this highly addictive class of medications and to help them better understand the unique, difficult and possibly protracted symptoms of tolerance and withdrawal.

  • To help fund helpline and support groups around the world and on the internet for people unable to find help in their local communities due to the negligence of government and local health authorities.

  • To help fund conferences to bring together world experts on this subject who wish to increase public awareness and to lobby regulatory bodies to effect changes in the way these drugs are prescribed.

  • To help fund legal challenges by victims damaged by overprescription of benzos.

  • To fund the costs of printed educational materials, the costs of maintaining and creating new internet web sites and the associated advertising costs.

  • To provide information on books and other resources on the problems associated with benzodiazepine use.