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November 6, 2002
by Barry Haslam

Following the Reception / Launch of MP John Grogan's Early Day Motion (EDM) on Benzodiazepine Drugs there will be an opportunity for further discussion of the topics raised in the House of Commons and to make new contacts.

The actual number of signatures in favour of the EDM will be announced at a later date on Mr Ray Nimmo's web site or people will be able to contact me directly.

I would urge everyone to print out and send the EDM to their own MP asking them to sign and support this much needed response from government. This is vital to keep up the pressure and assist those MPs who are working diligently on our behalf in the House of Commons. There has already been a very good initial response to the EDM.


Beat The Benzos was set up to work throughout in the European Union, providing help to all those lives have been affected by Benzodiazepines and intends:

  1. To set up a free, professionally manned, 24 hour helpline;

  2. To supply free information packs;

  3. To publish information and news on its web sites;

  4. To encourage, advise and support local self-help groups;

  5. To establish dedicated and professionally managed residential withdrawal clinics;

  6. To monitor and undertake medical and statistical research;

  7. To investigate, report on and provide comment, information and advice in all matters concerning Benzodiazepines.

I should like to express my very grateful thanks to all those attending the Reception, to those who care for friends and relatives affected by benzodiazepines, to all those who have helped to raise public awareness, to those who want recognition for their suffering, and to those who care.

Barry Haslam

Beat The Benzos Campaign 2002

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