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10 October 2007


Ten years ago, you visited Oldham Tranx in order to see first hand the horrors of legal benzodiazepine drug addiction - the misery and devastation which these drugs cause; both to the individual and families. I was then impressed by your concern and as a trustee of 'Beat the Benzos', by your continued involvement.

Ten years on, the further up the government greasy pole you’ve climbed, the more that you have backed off from confronting government and holding them accountable for this 'National Scandal' (David Blunkett 1994). I feel strongly that you have let me down and the 5,000 legal benzodiazepine Oldham drug addicts - never mind the 1.2 million addicts in this country.

This labour government has been guilty of abject surrender to the vested interests of the drug companies and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry. We the victims of these neuro-poisoning drugs have paid for government negligence, apathy and greed in suffering and disablement and deaths.

I hereby enclose my labour party membership card No. A972903 and resign from the labour party.

I have campaigned on these drug issues for the past 21 years. I have stood up to be counted, for my fellow victims and my fellow human beings. I will continue to stand up for them.


Barry Haslam

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