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Venue : The Menzies Avant Hotel, Windsor Road, Oldham

Date and Time : April 24, 2004 from 1.00pm - 4.00pm (followed by refreshments)

Attendance : By invitation only

Organised by : Oldham Tranx and Beat The Benzos

Funded by : The Citizen's Action Millennium Awards and Beat the Benzos

Chairman : Mr Phil Woolas MP, Deputy Leader of the House of Commons

Vice Chairman : Mrs Gail Richards, Chief Executive, Oldham PCT


1.00 - 1.15pm: Welcome by Mr Phil Woolas MP and his involvement with Oldham Tranx and Beat the Benzos

1.15 - 2.05pm: Professor C Heather Ashton, Emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychopharmacology, University of Newcastle: "Benzodiazepines : The Skeleton in the Cupboard"

2.05 - 2.20pm: Ms Susan Bibby - Benzact: "The effects of benzodiazepine drugs during pregnancy and on the child"

2.20 - 2.35pm: Mr David McKeown CPN, Shaftsbury Square Hospital, Belfast, N Ireland: "The benzodiazepine drug situation in Northern Ireland"

2.35 - 2.50pm: Mr Alan Higgins, Director of Public Health, Oldham Primary Care Trust: "The role of the PCT in reducing benzodiazepine dependence"

2.50 - 3.05 pm: Ms Gwen Higham, Manager, Oldham Alcohol and Drugs Service: "The role of the ADS in providing a withdrawal and support service to Oldham benzodiazepine drug addicts"

3.05 - 3.20pm: Mr Phil Woolas MP: "Summing up of the conference, support for the Oldham 'Pilot Project', its aims and ideals, for Government to fund the 'safety net' at national level, to ensure a safe withdrawal from addictive benzodiazepine drugs

3.20 - 4.00pm: Audience discussion time

4.00 pm: Refreshments

For more information contact:
Barry Haslam
Telephone: 01457 876355, Facsimile: 01457 876361
Email: barry@beatthebenzos.freeserve.co.uk

See: News Release

Beat The Benzos Campaign

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