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House of Commons
November 18, 2002

Here is the text of the Early Day Motion sent out by John Grogan MP (Selby Constituency) on October 28, 2002:

"I would like to add my support to the following Early Day Motion:

That this House congratulates the 'Beat the Benzos' campaign in highlighting the over-prescription of tranquilliser drugs known as benzodiazepines including Ativan, Temazepam and Valium; supports their objective in bringing about the full implementation of prescription guidelines by General Practitioners; calls on Government to provide greater support services for involuntary and voluntary addicts of these drugs; to integrate anti-benzodiazepine measures in anti-drug policies and to review disability benefit guidelines to ensure recognition of benzodiazepine addiction; and notes with great interest the recent court victory by Mr Ray Nimmo in which he successfully won compensation for the past over-prescription of Valium by his then General Practitioner."

From MP John Grogan's Letter of Invitation:

"It has been estimated that some 1.2 million people throughout the country are affected by addiction to Benzodiazepines and campaigners have long been pursuing compensation claims, against both the drug companies and the health authorities. A breakthrough legal victory in June 2002 secured a 40,000 settlement for former Valium addict Ray Nimmo."

Download and print out the text (MS Word document) of the above Early Day Motion here.

Beat The Benzos Campaign 2002

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