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Guidelines governing the prescription of
benzodiazepines around the world


    United Kingdom


    New Zealand



    Benzodiazepines are classified as narcotics in Sweden, December 8, 2001.



    A consensus statement on the use of benzodiazepines in specialist mental health services, College of Psychiatry, June 2012

    "Benzodiazepines are licensed for use for 4 weeks only."

    Report of the Benzodiazepine Committee, Department of Health and Children, Ireland, August 2002 (PDF File). Anxiety: Benzodiazepines should not usually be prescribed for longer than one month. Sleep: Prescription should be: limited to between 2 and 4 weeks; at the lowest effective dose; and prescribed intermittently.

    Prescription should be limited only to people assessed as needing it. Doses must be within the therapeutic ranges. They should not be prescribed for longer than four weeks. Patients should be reviewed regularly. Doctors should not issue repeat prescriptions. Doctors should reduce prescriptions to get patients off entirely.

    Hong Kong