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- # -

1.5 Million patients at risk from danger pills, Sunday Express, May 13, 2001
£40,000 for Valium dad, The Sun, June 28, 2002
£48,000 eases addiction pain, Oldham Chronicle, January 30, 2004

- A -

A Call for EU Guidelines on the Prescribing of Benzodiazepines, Barry Haslam, February, 2004
Accidental Addicts, theage.com.au, Australia, June 16, 2003
Accro aux benzos, Châtelaine Magazine, Québec, Canada, April 2004
Action on Ativan, The Daily Telegraph, 15 February, 1994
Ad aims to win inquiry into drugs, Oldham Chronicle, February 26, 2007
Addict alert on new wave tranquillisers, Oldham Chronicle, May 14, 2007
Addicted, Sonya Felix, Canadian Healthcare Manager, December 2001
Addiction by Prescription, Joan Gadsby, Soft Cover Press Release, May 2001
Addiction by Prescription, Journal Pioneer, April 29, 2003
Addiction by Prescription Order Form, Joan Gadsby
Addiction by Prescription, Victoria Times Colonist, February 1, 2002
Addiction by Prescription. Updated April, 2009
Addiction centre a model for country, Oldham Chronicle, July 28, 2005
Addiction fears rise about Xanax, Chicago Tribune, October 21, 2002
Addiction to Prescribed Drugs, Professor C Heather Ashton, BMA Meeting, January 22, 2013
Addictive pills 'handed out like lollies', The Dominion, Wellington, New Zealand, May 29, 2001
Addicts' abuse of sleeping pill brings call for tough curbs, The Observer, August 15, 1993
Addicts asked to join EU campaign, Oldham Chronicle, August 11, 2003
Addict's plea to PM, The Northern Echo, April 5, 1994
A decade of drug dependence, Watford Observer, June 27, 2008
A Doctor's Dilemma, Margot Nelson-Owen, BMJ, Vol 315, August 30, 1997
Adverse Effects of Prolonged Benzodiazepine Use, Professor CH Ashton, June 1986
Advocate wins compensation for Ativan patient, Waikato Times, New Zealand, October 2, 2002
Aggression, Violence & Benzodiazepines
Alec Jenner: the man who helped to create Valium
All benzodiazepines are non-selective, Professor Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP, April 2001
A Medico-Legal Scandal - and still it continues, Simon Kaberry, 2006
An Appeal from Barry Haslam, April 9, 2009
An Appeal from Mary Baker, Benzo Campaigner, July 17, 2009
An Open Letter on Benzodiazepines in the UK (PDF), C. Downes-Grainger, January 2006
Anxiety and Insomnia, UK Mental Health Foundation Publication, 1994
Anxious and addicted, The Australian, July 26, 2003
Anything for a quiet life? Prof C H Ashton DM, FRCP, 1989
APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Alternative Report, January 22, 2009
APPG - All Party Parliamentary Group for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction - Main Page
APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Newsletter 1, January 22, 2008
APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Newsletter 2, March 25, 2008
APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Newsletter 3, October 24, 2008
APPG for Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Newsletter 4, February 24, 2009
APPGITA - Email from Ray Nimmo to Elliot Morley MP, October 15, 2006
APPG Manifesto on Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, February 12, 2008
A problem with lorazepam? Professor Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1988
A Tale of Two Scandals, Colin Downes-Grainger, February 25, 2009 (PDF)
Arbitration in a special case, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, February 27, 2004
A Series of Benzodiazepine Articles, Liz Wood, 1995
A Tragic Outcome, Healthy Options, New Zealand, October 2002
Australia & New Zealand Information

- B -

Barry Haslam's Story
Barry Haslam, Star campaigner, Mind - The Mental Health Charity
Barry invites Health Minister, Oldham Chronicle, January 29, 2008
Barry scoops Man of Oldham award, Oldham Chronicle, May 4, 2007
Barry's drugs guinea pigs fight, Oldham Chronicle, July 22, 2004
Barry steps up prescription drugs fight, Oldham Chronicle, December 29, 2008
Barry taking drugs case to Europe, Oldham Chronicle, June 12, 2003
Battle against drug addiction, Good Housekeeping, August 2003
Battle to beat pill addiction, Christchurch Star, December 19, 2003
Beat The Benzos Campaign 2000
Beat The Benzos Campaign 2002-2004
Beat the Benzos, A Carer's Perspective, Maureen Barraclough, November 2000
Beat the Benzos Campaign Conference, November 2000
Beat the Benzos Campaign
Beat the Benzos Conference, November 2000 - Audience Comment
Beat the Benzos Conference - Report by Gwenda Cannard, TRANX Inc, Australia
Beat The Benzos Conference Speech, Dr James Robertson, November 2000
Beat The Benzos Conference Speech, Ian Singleton, November 2000
Beat The Benzos Conference Speech, Professor Stefan Borg, November 2000
Beat The Benzos, Early Day Motion, November 18, 2002
Beat The Benzos News Release, November 18, 2002
Beat The Benzos News Release, Barry Haslam, November 6, 2002
Beat The Benzos: Speech by Miss Caroline Moore, Solicitor, November 18, 2002
Beat the Benzos, Summimg Up, Phil Woolas MP, November 2000
Benefits and risks of benzodiazepines in anxiety and insomnia, Professor M Lader
Bentsodiatsepiinit - Kuinka ne toimivat ja kuinka vieroittaa. PDF File
Benzo addicts in vital drug study, Ormskirk Advertiser, March 3, 2004
Benzo Barry asks Prime Minister to pay up, Oldham Chronicle, February 17, 2005
Benzo Books & Other Resources
Benzo campaigner outraged by comparison, Oldham Chronicle, December 28, 2006
Benzo campaign moves to Europe, Oldham Chronicle, December 19, 2002
Benzodiazepine Abuse, Professor C Heather Ashton, 2002
Benzodiazepine Addiction - An Introduction, Dr Reg Peart, VOT
Benzodiazepine Addiction - An Open Letter by Julie Keyser, Canada
Benzodiazepine Brain Damage - Professor Malcolm Lader to Professor Robert Cawley, January 1982
Benzodiazepine Conference, Oldham, April 24, 2004
Benzodiazepine Dependence, Dr Andrew Byrne, 1997
Benzodiazepine Dependency and Withdrawal Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file
Benzodiazepine Dependency, Professor C H Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1997
Benzodiazepine Drug Index
Benzodiazepine Equivalence Table
Benzodiazepine guidelines routinely ignored, You & Yours, BBC Radio 4, July 16, 2002
Benzodiazepine: Handelsnamen in deutschsprachigen Ländern
Benzodiazepine Litigation
Benzodiazepinen, hoe ze werken en hoe je er vanaf komt, Ashton Manual in Dutch. PDF File
Benzodiazepine overdose: are specific antagonists useful? Dr C Heather Ashton, 1985
Benzodiazepine Prescribing, Frank J Ayd Jr MD
Benzodiazepine Prescribing in Hong Kong, K.F. Chung, HKMJ, 1997 (PDF File)
Benzodiazepine prescriptions explode, Sue Kedgley, New Zealand, May 29, 2001
Benzodiazepine Questions asked by Dawn Primarolo MP in Opposition
Benzodiazepines: Abstracts from the Medical Literature
Benzodiazepines and Brain Damage, MRC Files, 1980 - 82 (Freedom of Information disclosure, October 2010)
Benzodiazepines and Older People, Professor CH Ashton, March, 2002
Benzodiazepines and their effects, Professor Ian Hindmarch, January, 1997
Benzodiazepines and Therapies, Pam Armstrong, CITA, Liverpool
Benzodiazepines: A Risk Factor in Sudden Infant Death? - Susan Bibby
Benzodiazepines: BBC Radio 4 Face The Facts, March 16, 1999
Benzodiazepines: House of Commons Hansard Debates, 4 December 2001
Benzodiazepines: House of Commons Hansard Debates, 7 December 1999
Benzodiazepines: House of Commons Health Committee Inquiry, June 1999
Benzodiazepines: How They Work & How to Withdraw, Professor C Heather Ashton DM, FRCP
Benzodiazepine Side Effects
Benzodiazepine Side Effects - Medical References (Text File)
Benzodiazépines: Le squelette dans le placard, C.H. Ashton, Oldham, le 23 avril 2004
Benzodiazepines: Malpractice Judgment in Germany, Ralf Gerlach, January 22, 2004
Benzodiazepines: MPs Letters to Barry Haslam
Benzodiazepines on trial, Peter J Tyrer, 1984
Benzodiazepines: Paradoxical Reactions and Long-Term Side-Effects
Benzodiazepines: Problems & ? Solutions, Prof. C H Ashton, House of Commons, 7 Nov. 2006
Benzodiazepines: Quotations & Abstracts
Benzodiazepines: Responsible Prescribing, Joan Gadsby, October 9, 2001
Benzodiazepines: Risks and benefits. A reconsideration (Baldwin et al.), A Review by Professor C Heather Ashton, November 2013
Benzodiazepines: the end of a dream, Dr Andrew Byrne, 1994
Benzodiazepines: The Skeleton in the Cupboard, Professor Ashton, Oldham, April 23, 2004
Benzodiazepines: The Still Unfinished Story, Prof C H Ashton DM, FRCP, November 1, 2000
Benzodiazepines - Use & Abuse, New Zealand Dept of Health, 1989
Benzodiazepines warning, CMO's Update 37, Patient Safety, Department of Health, January 2004
Benzodiazepine Symptoms List from Kilen
Benzodiazepine Symptoms List
Benzodiazepines & Your Patients, Roche Products (UK) Ltd. ca. 1990
Benzodiazepine Tranquilizers: Therapeutically effective, but also addicting
Benzodiazepine Tranquillisers and Hypnotics, Professor CH Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1999
Benzodiazepine Tranquillisers : Extract : ECHR Application, January 1998
Benzodiazepine: Wirkungsweise und therapeutischer Entzug, CH Ashton, DM, FRCP, 2002
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal: An Unfinished Story, Prof CH Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1984
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal: Outcome in 50 Patients, CH Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1987
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms from Tranx, Australia
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms from VOT, UK
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndromes, A. Khan, P. Joyce, A. V. Jones, New Zealand, 1980
Benzodiazepiny: jak dzialaja, jak je odstawiac
benzo.org.uk quotations gallery
Benzo sufferer receives $640 a week compensation, Sunday Star-Times, September 26, 2004
Benzos and Memory Loss: More Than Just "Old Age", Lader M., Prescriber 1992; 3: 13
Benzos to be Class A...Like Heroin, Sunday Mirror, November 10, 2002
Benzo victim successfully sues doctor's surgery, Wakefield Express November 18, 2011
Benzo Withdrawal Realities, Colin Downes-Grainger, July 23, 2008
Blaming The Patient by Colin Downes-Grainger, May 6, 2008 (PDF)
BNF : 4.1 Hypnotics and anxiolytics, Revised November 2013
Boffin backs benzos blast, Oldham Chronicle, January 12, 2007
Bradley's Story
Brain-Disabling Effects of Benzodiazepines, Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
Brainwashed - Mental illnesses NOT caused by chemical imbalances in the brain
Breakthrough for 'Benzo' Campaign, Oldham Chronicle, April 7, 2003
Bristol Tranquilliser Project AGM Lecture, CH Ashton, DM, FRCP. October 2005
British Columbia overdoses on tranquillizers, CanWest News, February 7, 2005
British National Formulary : 4.1 Hypnotics and anxiolytics
Bruce Barnett's Story: Tranquilliser Terror, New Idea, NZ, August 14, 1995
Brussels lobbied by drugs campaign, Oldham Evening Chronicle, February 4, 2004
Brutal attack on wife blamed on sleeping pill, The Dominion, New Zealand, May 20, 2002

- C -

Call to restrict 'mother's little helpers', Waikato Times, New Zealand. December 13, 2000
Camouflage for Medical Practice or Real Assistance? Colin Downes-Grainger, September 11, 2009
Campaigner demands details of benzo GPs, Oldham Chronicle, March 8, 2004
Campaigner in drug talks, Oldham Chronicle, February 20, 2003
Campaigner is given cold shoulder, Oldham Chronicle, February 15, 2001
Canada Information
Carol Packer's Story
Celexa / Citalopram Hell by James Moore, UK, June 1, 2002
"Chemical Imbalance", Professor C Heather Ashton DM, FRCP, August 28, 2001
Christmas in the Car, Chat Magazine, December 19, 2002
Colin Downes-Grainger's Blog
Colin Downes-Grainger's Feedback Page
Colin Downes-Grainger's Main Page
Comments on the latest draft of the DoH consensus statement, Professor C Heather Ashton, May 15, 2012
Comments on the NTA/NAC reports, Professor C H Ashton, June 8, 2011
Committee on Safety of Medicines, Benzodiazepines, January 1988
Committee on Safety of Medicines, Benzodiazepines, September 1997
Common questions about benzodiazepine risks, JAMH, March/April 2001
Commons near to benzos decision, Oldham Chronicle, March 22, 2007
COMPENSATION: It's no laughing matter by Gurli Bagnall
Computed axial brain tomography in long-term benzodiazepine users, Lader MH et al, Psych Med, 1984
Continuing Education: Benzodiazepines, Waikato Times, June 2001
Coping with ... tranquilliser addiction, Best Magazine, February 20, 2001
Correspondence between APPGITA and Anne Milton MP regarding the Roundtable Meetings, May 17, 2012
Correspondence between Barry Haslam and Phil Woolas (Labour Candidate), April 2010
Correspondence with Health Minister Allan Rock
Cut down on tranquilliser prescriptions, GPs warned, The Guardian, February 11, 2004

- D -

Dancing Round the Awful Truth (PDF), Colin Downes-Grainger, July 2, 2009
Damaged by drug relation of sheep dip? Oldham Evening Chronicle, May 17, 2001
Dangers and medico-legal aspects of benzodiazepines, Professor CH Ashton, 1987
David Healey: "The Psychopharmacologists III" - Review by Prof Ashton, Sept 2001
Davies in EU drug appeal, Oldham Chronicle, April 14, 2008
Deadly warning on drug revealed, Oldham Chronicle, November 9, 2004
Debra's Story
Deep depression over Barnsley, Daily Telegraph, June 17, 1999
Defendant acquitted of murder due to Valium, Law Society Gazette, July 22, 1987
Department of Health Submission and Correspondence, Professor C H Ashton, 2003-2004
Dependence on Antidepressants & Halting SSRIs by Dr David Healy MD, FRCPsych
Dependence on tranquillisers and antidepressants, Professor Malcolm Lader, 1999
Derealisation and Depersonalisation
Des James' Story
Discontinuation of Alprazolam Treatment, 1987
Doctor admits over-prescribing tranquillisers to several patients, Independent.ie, January 20, 2012
Doctor backs benzo rules, 1999
Doctors & Experts
Doctors dished them out like sweets..., The Independent, August 19, 1996
Doctors sued for creating 'Valium addicts', The Independent, December 29, 2011
Doctors turn to more addictive short-acting benzodiazepines, Prof CH Ashton, 1988
Doctors warn against overuse of tranquillisers, The Times of India, April 11, 2001
Doctor warned over prescription to addict, July 8, 2000, The Evening Post, New Zealand
Don't get angry - get active, says campaigner Barry, Oldham Chronicle, August 22, 2001
Don't keep taking the tablets, Independent on Sunday, April 9, 2001
Double failure for tranquilliser dependent patients, London Health Link, August 11, 2003
Dr Gerada's uninformed comments about benzos, John Perrott, July 31, 2011
Dr Ray Baker's Article on Addiction: Benzodiazepines in Particular
Dr Ray Baker's Comments on the Benzo FAQ
Dr Reg Peart, BSc, PhD - Main Page
Dr Reg Peart's Story
Dr Terry Lynch
Driving Force, Oldham Chronicle, April 27, 2004
Drug blunder resurfaces in children, Sunday Telegraph, December 15, 1996
Drug campaigner quits Labour Party, Oldham Chronicle, October 22, 2007
Drug 'killing more than heroin', ITN 2000 Review
Drug-labelling fight goes to EU, Oldham Chronicle, May 19, 2006
Drug Misuse and Dependence Guidelines on Clinical Management, 1999 (PDF)
Drug Newsletter, Professor C H Ashton, DM, FRCP, April 1985
Drugs Blindfold, Oldham Chronicle, January 15, 2002
Drugs destroy a life, Christchurch Star, January 16, 2003
Drugs goal in sight, Oldham Chronicle, September 30, 2003
Drugs help group sets the standard, Oldham Chronicle, January 6, 2012
Drugs linked to brain damage 30 years ago, Independent on Sunday, November 7, 2010
Drugs victim-turned-expert helps to rewrite the rules, Oldham Chronicle, June 25, 2003
Drugs Wrongly Prescribed to 7 Million Elderly - Study, Reuters, December 11, 2001
Dr Vernon Coleman, MB, ChB, DSc (Hon)

- E -

End of Valium the 'little helper', Daily Mail, January 30, 2002
Elderly sell prescription drugs to youngsters, The Daily Telegraph, July 3, 1996
Email from Dr Vernon Coleman to the Editor, Independent on Sunday, November 9, 2010
Email from Josh Jarrett to Mark Edgington, Dept of Health, April 6, 2012
Email from Mary Baker to Jim Dobbin MP, APPGITA, January 31, 2011
Email from Ray Nimmo to Dr Iona Heath, President, RCGP, August 1, 2011
Email from Ray Nimmo to Nic Dakin MP (and reply), October 31, 2010
End the Addiction Advertisement, The Independent, October 27, 2006.
EU help sought to fight killer drugs, News Release, February 2, 2004
Excerpts from Toxic Psychiatry, Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

- F -

FDA Petition, Comments Submitted by Ray Nimmo, March 7, 2010
Fears as tranquilliser addiction rises, The Observer, November 30, 2008
Feedback Page 1
Feedback Page 2
Felicity Bielovich's Story - A journey to hell and back
Former user of Klonopin sues doctors, Boston Globe, November 4, 2001
From Playgrounds to Prisons, Journal Pioneer, May 13, 2003
Further Correspondence concerning Dr Gerada, August 1, 2011
Fury over minister's drugs plan, Oldham Chronicle, January 27, 2004

- G -

Gadsby encouraged by Island presentations, Journal Pioneer, May 22, 2003
Geraldine Burns' Story
Gerald Sables' Story
'Get tough' call on drug prescribing, Oldham Chronicle, November 8, 2006
Girl, 8, sues for foetal injury, Sunday Telegraph, February 16, 1997
Give us money to beat benzos, campaigner demands, Oldham Chronicle, February 12, 2004
Governor Jeb Bush's daughter is arrested, MSN & NBC News, January 29, 2002
GPs 'creating an army of junkies', Metro, London, February 6, 2004
GPs encouraged to promote alternative treatment, January 17, 1998
'GPs made me into zombie', Scunthorpe Telegraph, June 25, 2002
'GPs turned us into drug addicts', Yours Magazine, February 26, 2008
GPs 'Turning Millions into Prescription Drug Addicts, The Scotsman, February 5, 2004
Growing awareness of the scale of tranquilliser addiction, The Guardian, August 17, 1988
Guidelines for the Prescription of Benzodiazepines in Norway, September 14, 2001
Guidelines for the Rational Use of Benzodiazepines, Prof C H Ashton, DM, FRCP, 1994
Guidelines for Withdrawal of Antidepressant Drugs, Professor Ashton, 2001
Guidelines governing the Prescription of Benzodiazepines around the World
Gurli Bagnall's Story

- H -

Halcion - The Nightmare Drug by Max Ricketts, 1991
Handelsnamen in deutschsprachigen Ländern
Haslam rejects official apology, Oldham Chronicle, March 26, 2007
Health Memo, Dr Vernon Coleman, Sunday People, July 8, 2001
Health Select Committee Submission, Dr RF Peart, 1998
Heather Jones' Story
Helping patients come off benzodiazepines, Dr C Heather Ashton, 1989
Helping people with tranquilliser addiction problems, November 23, 1998
Help is at hand for 'silent' drug addicts, Northwich Guardian, July 30, 2003
High Anxiety, Consumer Reports Magazine, January 1993
Hilde's Story - I have lost a lot of time due to ignorant doctors
History of Benzodiazepine Dependence, Lader M, Journal of Substance Abuse, 1991 (PDF)
Hooked on Valium...at 15, Woman Health Magazine, March-April, 2002
Hooked on Valium for 34 years, Woman Magazine, September 29, 2003
Horrifying legacy of the 'celebrity sedative' marketed without tests
How to Stop Benzodiazepines and Minimize Withdrawal Symptoms, Yomiuri Evening Edition (Japan), June 7, 2012
Hundreds Killed by Ledger Pills, Sunday Express, January 27, 2008

- I -

Illegal v Legal Benzodiazepine addiction, Colin Downes-Grainger, January 28, 2009
"I'm not asking for charity - just justice!" Best Magazine, March 21, 1995
Increase in Suicidal Thoughts & Tendencies: Assoc. with Diazepam Therapy, JAMA, March 25, 1968
Influence of the Pharmaceutical industry, Mary Baker, Health Select Committee Submission, 2004 (PDF)
Inspiring Barry, Oldham Chronicle, May 4, 2004
Interview with John Grogan MP, BBC 2 North of Westminster, November 17, 2002
In the Womb and Hooked on Tranquillisers, Sunday Express, July 22, 2001
Investigation : Forty Years of Valium, Sunday Tribune, March 2, 2003
Invitation to the House of Commons from John Grogan MP
Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction and the Welfare Reform Bill, March 10, 2009
Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Council of Europe, Jim Dobbin, January 31, 2012
Involuntary Tranquilliser Addiction, Michael Behan, Addiction Today, May 12, 2009
Ireland has highest tranquilliser drug use in EU, The Irish Examiner, February 6, 2004
It's time to look the facts in the face, Gurli Bagnall
I wanted to die: Vale Eley's Story, Daily Echo, April 18, 2006
"I was up to 50 halcions a day," - Interview with Burt Reynolds

- J -

Jackie's Success Story. "I feel better than I have in years."
Jen's Success Story
Jill DaSilva's Story
Jim Dobbin MP announces European benzodiazepine enquiry, June 14, 2012
Joan E. Gadsby: Benzodiazepines - Time for Action and Accountability!
Joan E. Gadsby - Biographical Information
Joan E. Gadsby - Biographical Information, Updated April 2009
Joan E. Gadsby - Book & Video Special Promotional Offer
Joan E. Gadsby: "CALL TO ACTION"
Joan E. Gadsby: Email to Editor, Independent on Sunday, November 10, 2010
Joan E. Gadsby - Main Page
Joan E. Gadsby's Fax to BC Magazine, July 3, 2000
Joan E. Gadsby's Letter to Jean Chretien, October 1, 2000
Joan E. Gadsby, Video & Book Information
Joan Gadsby's Letter to Gretchen Brewin, June 12, 2000
Joan Gadsby's Letter to Lillian Bayne, July 17, 2000
Joan Gadsby's Letter to the Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh, October 12, 2000
Joan Gadsby's Reply to Michael Becker, Editor, North Shore News, July 10, 2000
Joan Gadsby: To hell and back, St. Catharines Standard, Canada, May 14, 2001
Joan Gadsby Update, April 2009
Joan Gadsby Update, June 12, 2001
Joan Gadsby Update, November 19, 2001
John Perrott's Meeting with the Royal College of General Practitioners, Lancaster, March 28, 2011
Joint enterprise deserves to succeed, Sunday Star-Times, NZ, June 3, 2001
Judge E. Bertelsmann's addiction nightmare, November 28, 1999

- K -

Kate Fay's Story: Prescribed Addiction
Keeble Hawson wins £40,000 settlement, News Release, June 24, 2002
Kim's Story
Klonopin Withdrawal Symptoms

- L -

Las Benzodiacepinas: Cuál es su mecanismo de acción y cómo suspender la ingestión, C H Ashton
Le benzodiazepine - Come agiscono e come sospenderne l'assunzione. PDF File
Legal Drug Addiction Advertisement, Oldham Chronicle, February 26, 2007 (PDF)
Legally addicted, The Australian, May 15, 2004
Leo Sternbach - the Father of Mother's Little Helpers
Les Benzodiazépines: Comment agissent-elles et comment s'en sevrer ? Prof. C H Ashton
Les Benzodiazépines: Plus dangereuses qu'on ne le pense
Letter from Anne Milton, Public Health Minister to Debbie Abrahams MP (Oldham) July 5, 2011
Letter from Baroness Thornton to Jim Dobbin, April 16, 2010
Letter from Barry Haslam to Chris Davies MEP, Aril 10, 2009
Letter from Barry Haslam to Phil Woolas MP, October 10, 2007
Letter from Ben Wallace MP (Lancaster & Wyre) to John Perrott, April 1, 2010
Letter from Chris Davies MEP to Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP, November 8, 2007
Letter from Debbie Abrahams MP (Oldham) to Anne Milton, Public Health Minister, July 28, 2011
Letter from Dora East, Dept of Health to John Perrott, April 15, 2010
Letter from Dr June Raine, MHRA to John Perrrott, June 3, 2010
Letter from Earl Howe to John Perrott, April 22, 2010
Letter from Gillian Merron MP to Earl Howe, March 22, 2010
Letter from Gillian Merron MP to Jim Dobbin MP, April 7, 2010
Letter from Gillian Merron MP to Jim Dobbin MP, March 3, 2010
Letter from Hon Annette King, MoH, New Zealand, June 28, 2001
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Alan Johnson MP, Home Office, February 8, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Alan Johnson MP, Home Office, January 18, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Anne Milton MP, Health Minister, August 22, 2012
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Anne Milton MP, Health Minister, July 6, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Anne Milton MP, Health Minister, March 5, 2012
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Anne Milton MP, Health Minister, October 1, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Ann Keen, Health Services Minister, October 14, 2008
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Chris Heffer, DoH, March 13, 2012
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Edwina Hart AM, Welsh Assembly Health Minister, June 15, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Gillian Merron MP, Dept. of Health, April 6, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Gillian Merron MP, Dept. of Health, February 2, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Gillian Merron MP, Dept. of Health, March 18, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Iain Duncan Smith MP, DWP, May 28, 2012
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Prime Minister David Cameron, June 24, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Sir John Savill, Chief Executive, Medical Research Council, October 21, 2010
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Steve Taylor, National Treatment Agency, September 5, 2012
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to The Rt Hon James Purnell, DWP, December 11, 2008
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Tony McNulty MP, April 21, 2009
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Tony McNulty MP, February 23, 2009
Letter from Jim Dobbin MP to Trevor Phillips, EHRC, May 12, 2009
Letter from Joan Gadsby to Chris Rose, Editor, Vancouver Sun, February 12, 2001
Letter from John Perrrott to Dr June Raine, MHRA, April 26, 2010
Letter from John Perrrott to Earl Howe, DoH, October 20, 2010
Letter from Professor C Heather Ashton to Anne Milton MP, Public Health Minister, April 24, 2012
Letter from Professor M Lader to Professor R Cawley, January 6, 1982
Letter from The Earl of Sandwich to Anne Milton MP, Health Minister, July 9, 2010
Letter from the Office of Nick Clegg MP to Barry Haslam, February 29, 2008
Letter of Support from Elliot Morley, MP
Letter to Department of Health on Protocol, Colin Downes-Grainger, March 12, 2009 (PDF)
Letter to Health Minister Dawn Primarolo MP, Colin Downes-Grainger, December 19, 2008
Letter to Lord Morris, Colin Downes-Grainger, March 7, 2009
Letter to Lord Winston, Colin Downes-Grainger, March 6, 2009
Letter to President Barack Obama, Joan E. Gadsby, May 2, 2009
Letter to the Honourable Allan Rock from WAF & BAN, July 30, 2001
Liberation from Anti-anxiety Medication, Jewish Advocate, January 18-24, 2002
Life Without Tranquillisers (Extracts), Dr Vernon Coleman, 1985
Links Page
Lividicus & the Grim Pill's Progress, Colin Downes-Grainger, February 5, 2009
Log on to drug help, Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph, Monday, May 28, 2001
Long-Term Effects of Benzodiazepine Usage, Professor C Heather Ashton, 1995-96
Long-term tranquilliser use needs better monitoring, Hendon & Finchley Times, August 14, 2003
Lorazepam: Patient Information Leaflet, UK, 1998
Lorazepam: Patient Information Leaflet, Genus Pharmaceuticals, January 2008

- M -

Maine Benzodiazepine Study Group
Man can sue over "26-year misdiagnosis", The Daily Telegraph, May 10, 1997
Man's life 'blighted by pills', York Evening Press, October 30, 2000
Manufacturing Addiction: The Overprescription of Benzodiazepines in Canada (PDF)
Mary Baker's Story
Meacher to help tranquilliser addicts, Oldham Chronicle, November 15, 2002
Media Archive : TV, Radio & Newspaper Stories about Benzos
Medical Records, Oldham Chronicle, March 11, 2002
Medical Research on Benzodiazepine Injury (PDF), compiled by Colin Downes-Grainger, June 16, 2009
Menstrual Irregularities Assoc. with the Use of Chlordiazepoxide, M. James W. Whitelaw, MD, 1961
Message from Jim Dobbin MP to APPGITA Supporters, August 21, 2011
MHRA Director requests Meeting with John Perrott>, February 22, 2011 (Email)
MIND boss backs benzo inquiry, Oldham Chronicle, June 22, 2004
Mind in Camden - Minor Tranquilliser Project Service Review, March 2012
Minister failing to provide benzo facts - claim, Oldham Chronicle, May 30, 2008
Minister's cheer for Barry, Oldham Chronicle, October 16, 2003
Minor Tranquilizers, USA Today Magazine, May 1, 1994
Mogadon man sues for loss of £3.5m business, Daily Telegraph, November 9, 2001
Mogadon (Nitrazepam) Patient Product Information Roche UK/Ireland
Monique's Story
More addictive than heroin... Sunday Express Magazine, 1999
More Quotes
More than 150,000 Finns take tranquillisers regularly, Helsingin Sanomat, December 11, 2000
Mothers asked for tranquilliser facts, Sunday Telegraph, January 5, 1997
Mother's Little Helper - Valium at 35
Mother's Little Killers, Channel 4 News, January 4, 2001
MP closes in on the truth over benzos, Oldham Chronicle, November 29, 2004
MP's boost for Beat the Benzos campaign, Oldham Chronicle, January 10, 2008
MPs call for tranquilliser crackdown, Edinburgh Evening News, November 23, 2002
MPs in joint call over benzos, Oldham Chronicle, March 6, 2007
MPs to highlight addicts' plight, Oldham Chronicle, August 3, 2006
MPs 'too cowardly to hold inquiry', claims Haslam, Oldham Chronicle, April 27, 2007
MP takes drug fight to the top, Oldham Evening Chronicle, July 23, 2001
MP urges new status for addictive drug, Oldham Evening Chronicle, August 1, 2001
My 27-year drugs hell after fiancé died, Bristol Evening Post, July 10, 2002

- N -

Natives awash in addictive sedatives, The Vancouver Province, December 31, 2001
New campaign launched to help tranquilliser addicts, Oldham Advertiser, February 25, 2004
New hope on benzo support, Oldham Chronicle, April 5, 2005
News & Views
New Zealander loses legal fight over crippling med addiction, The Japan Times, March 13, 2012
Nightmare addiction cost Barry 10 years of his life, Oldham Chronicle, May 14, 1998
No evidence that benzodiazepines... Professor C Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP
Notice for Members and Supporters of the APPGITA, June 7, 2010

- O -

Oldham group to lead fight against tranquillisers, Oldham Chronicle, April 18, 2000
Oldham takes the lead to host Benzo conference, Oldham Chronicle, April 15, 2004
Oldham Tranx
Oldham unites to fight addictive drugs, Beat The Benzos News Release, April 13, 2004
One Illness, 74 Tablets: And all they need is six, Sunday Mirror, March 1, 1998
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Our Man in Nirvana, The New York Times, January 22, 1992
"Our Pill Epidemic" Order Form, Joan Gadsby
Our Pill Epidemic - Press Release, October 27, 2000

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Paddy Doyle's Story
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Parliamentary Questions by the Earl of Sandwich, March 15, 2012
Parliamentary Questions posed by Jim Dobbin, 2008-2009
Parliamentary Questions, The Earl of Sandwich, June 17, 2010
Patients' Rights Advocacy, New Zealand (1)
Patients' Rights Advocacy, New Zealand (2)
Peer's son blames the pills and is cleared, Sunday Telegraph, May 4, 1997
People's Stories
Pharmacists role in reducing benzodiazepine addiction, The Pharmaceutical Journal, May 19, 2001
Phil Woolas MP : Letter to MCA, February 26, 2002
Pictures of Health I, Colin Downes-Grainger
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Pills made me ill but the clouds are lifting, Oldham Chronicle, July 29, 2008
Pills Mums Popped Hurt a Generation, Sunday Express, 1997
Plea for addiction warnings, The Times, October 24, 1988
'Positive response' from benzo campaign meeting, Oldham Chronicle, February 9, 2004
Praise for experts who break ranks, Oldham Chronicle, February 14, 2002
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Prescribed Addiction, BBC Radio 4 Face the Facts, July 27, 2011
Prescribed drugs do more harm to babies than heroin, Sunday Telegraph, September 21, 1997
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Prescribing Valium Tops GPs, Healthy Options, New Zealand, August 2002
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Prescription for Injury by Colin Downes-Grainger
Prescriptions for anti-anxiety drugs nudge 1m mark, Independent, Ireland October 21, 2007
Presentation - World Assembly For Mental Health, Joan E. Gadsby, July 2001
Prime Minister's Questions, Jim Dobbin MP, House of Commons, June 16, 2010
Printable Letter by Dr Reg Peart. In RTF (Rich Text Format)
Problems of 'benzo babies to be probed
Professor C H Ashton's Reply to Health Minister Rosie Winterton, January 9, 2007
Professor C Heather Ashton, DM, FRCP - Main Page
Professor C Heather Ashton's CV
Professor David Cohen, Beat The Benzos Conference Speech, November, 2000
Professor David Nutt - a man with a mission, Colin Downes-Grainger, December 11, 2008 (PDF)
Professor Heather Ashton, Two News Stories about Cannabis, 1998 & 2001
Professor Malcolm H Lader: CV & Quotations
Progress for Barry in pills battle, Oldham Chronicle, July 29, 2005
Protracted Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms, Professor Ashton, March 7, 2002
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- Q -

Question by Jim Dobbin MP, Prime Minister's Questions and Reply, October 23, 2013
Quotations Gallery

- R -

Raising awareness about addiction to prescription drugs, Journal Pioneer, May 14, 2003
Randomised controlled trial of two brief interventions against long-term benzo use: cost-effectiveness, Aug. 2008 (PDF)
Randomised controlled trial of two brief interventions against long-term benzo use: outcome of intervention, April 2004 (PDF)
Ray Nimmo - Interview with BBC Radio Humberside, June 27, 2002
Ray Nimmo - Main Page
Reclassified drug still being prescribed, Christchurch Star, December 19, 2003
Reasons for a diazepam (Valium) taper, Professor C Heather Ashton, April, 2001
Reducing the use of benzodiazepines in general practice, J W Tiller, 1994
Reduction in the use of benzodiazepines and cyclopyrrolones in general practice, Jørgensen & Toft, 2008 (PDF)
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Report highlights tranquilliser peril, The Times, July 31, 1989
Report of Irish Benzodiazepine Committee, Irish Department of health and Children, August 2002 (PDF)
Resources are vital, Oldham Chronicle, January 28, 2002
Response to Dr Heath, President of the RCGP, Professor C H Ashton, August 2, 2011
Responsible and Informed Use of Antidepressants, Joan E. Gadsby, July 2001
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Road deaths linked to tranquillisers, The Guardian, October 23, 1998
Robert Jones' Story
Roche Advertisement for Valium in JAMA, 1969
Rogue doctors worse than backstreet drug dealers, Irish Examiner, May 21, 2001

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Sad story of the happy pills, The Guardian, April 5, 1994
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Second Letter from John Perrrott to Dr June Raine, MHRA, June 9, 2010
Second Letter from John Perrott to Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, May 20, 2010
Sedative cocktails fed to the elderly, The Independent, May 7, 1997
Seeking Justice for the Victims of Tranquillisers, Health Spectrum, February 2, 2001
Shelly's Story
Side-effects 'costing NHS £1bn a year', The Daily Telegraph, February 13, 1992
Side effects of benzodiazepines were known, Oldham Chronicle, August 26, 1998
Side-Effects of Librium, The Lancet, October 1, 1960
Simon Hervey, BBC Radio 4, 'You and Yours', October 27, 1999
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Sleeping Pills and Tranquillisers, Dr Norma Williams & Hetty Einzig, 1985
Sleeping pills work mostly through the placebo effect, say British health experts, The Times, December 20, 2012
Solicitor reinstated after tribunal accepts sleeping tablets appeal, The Independent, January 16, 2012
Solutions to the tranquilliser trap, Letters to The Times, Professor Lader, October 6, 2012
Some key findings from the World Assembly for Mental Health, Vancouver, Canada, July 24, 2001
Some Shocking Facts on Prescription Drugs, Joan E. Gadsby, October 2003
Sorry Toll of Tranquilliser Deaths, Oldham Chronicle, July 9, 2001
SSRIs / Antidepressants : News & Links
SSRIs, Drug Withdrawal & Abuse: Problem or Treatment? CH Ashton & AH Young, 1999
State Benefits, Tranquillisers and the DWP, Colin Downes-Grainger, July 22, 2008
Stevie Nicks: "Klonopin - more deadly than coke"
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Sue Bibby, Benzact, UK
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Suspect in fatal Xanax shooting arrested in California, Associated Press, March 13, 2002
Sussex Health Authority : Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
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Take look at drug scheme, Hewitt urged, Oldham Chronicle, June 22, 2007
Talk Radio UK Interview with Mike Dicken and Susan Bibby, December 5, 1998
Tapering & Recovery - One Person's Story and Tips for Survival
Terri's Story, A Warning About Exhilarin, March 13, 2012
The Ashton Manual, Professor C Heather Ashton DM, FRCP
The Ashton Manual in Japanese. Launched August 19, 2012. PDF File
The Ashton Manual in other langages
The Ashton Manual Supplement, Professor C Heather Ashton, April 7, 2011
The Benzodiazepine Awareness Network International
The Benzodiazepine Scandal, An Open Letter, Ray Nimmo, March 20, 2012
The Benzodiazepines, Health Select Committee Submission, Michael Behan, August 30, 2004
The Benzodiazepines, Home Office Submission, Michael Behan, July 26, 2003
The big tranquilliser cover-up, Margaret Bell, WDDTY, June 2001
The Bounty Hunters by Gurli Bagnall
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The Bridge Project, Bradford - Speech by Professor C Heather Ashton, December 2011
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The diagnosis and management of benzodiazepine dependence, Prof CH Ashton, 2005
The Earl Sandwich: Oral Question, House of Lords, July 12, 2012
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The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Table of Contents
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Overview
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Appropriate Uses
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Consequences
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Factors
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Social Meaning
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Appendix A
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : Appendix B
The Effects of Tranquillization : Health Canada 1982 : References
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The Tranquilliser Trap, Response by Janet Kerr
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Third Letter from John Perrott to Dora East, Dept of Health, May 20, 2010
Tim's Story
Toxicity and Adverse Consequences of Benzodiazepine Use, Professor Ashton, 1995
Toxicity, Cognitive Impairment, Long-Term Damage & The Post Withdrawal Syndrome, Dr RF Peart
Tranquilliser Addiction - A Medically-Induced Epidemic, Dr RF Peart, 1998
Tranquilliser addiction 'dangerous as heroin abuse', The Times, August 23, 2012
Tranquilliser addiction is 'damaging our health', Hendon & Finchley Times, August 21, 2003
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Tranquilliser Blunder, The Oldham Chronicle,December 21, 1998
Tranquilliser campaigner goes to top, Oldham Chronicle, August 21, 2008
Tranquilliser campaigner: 'I've been gagged', Oldham Chronicle, January 10, 2002
Tranquilliser Dissonance, Colin Downes-Grainger, July 9, 2008
Tranquilliser Hell by Dr Trisha Macnair, MB, ChB, Dip Anaes, 13 March 2000, UK
Tranquilliser hell still haunts patient after 31-year addiction, The Western Mail, March 17, 2003
Tranquilliser problems 'swept under the carpet', Oldham Chronicle, March 26, 2007
Tranquilliser Questions - Avoiding Answers (PDF), Colin Downes-Grainger, June 2, 2008
Tranquilliser Research Project in Wales, June 8, 2010
Tranquilliser safety, Bella Magazine, February 1998
Tranquillisers crash link revealed, Adelaide University Press Release, March 25, 2002
Tranquillisers: 'It's time for MPs to act', Oldham Evening Chronicle, June 13, 2001
Tranquillisers: 'Learn from the victims' plea, Oldham Chronicle, August 10, 2001
Tranquillisers: More deadly than alcohol, ITV World in Action, October 17, 1994
Tranquillisers 'more lethal than heroin', The Observer, November 5, 2000
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Transcript of The Christine Nichols Story, NCBC, 14 February, 2001
Treatment of benzodiazepine dependence, K. Jean Lennane, FRACP, DPM, 1986
Treatment plan for drugs goes national, Oldham Chronicle, April 26, 2004
Triazolam Dispensing Guidelines, College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, March 16, 1999
Trust to enter talks on legal addiction, Oldham Chronicle, August 9, 2002
Trust to meet tranquilliser addicts' group, Oldham Chronicle, 25 September, 2002
Twin pledge on 'benzo' drugs are 'stepping stones' - MP, Oldham Chronicle, April 8, 2003
Two articles about Xanax by Max Ricketts
Two Benzo Success Stories from Sweden
Two Doctors Speak out against Benzos, The Oldham Chronicle, September 4, 2000
Two Stories from the Tranquilliser Withdrawal Support Group, West Suffolk

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UK Information
Unanswered Benzo Questions, (Email to Dawn Primarolo), Ray Nimmo, May 30, 2008
UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs
Unhappy Anniversary: Valium's 40th Birthday, The Observer, February 2, 2003

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Valerie Bell's Story
Valium became my illness, Daily Express, April 11, 2006 (PDF)
Valium by Carol Brennan
Valium Addiction, Wales On Sunday, April 14, 2002
Valium addict wins pay-out of £40,000, Observer, June 23, 2002
Valium Father to sue, Mail on Sunday, June 22, 1997
Valium Nation, Sunday Herald, Glasgow, March 16, 2008
'Valium ruined my life' claimant wins £40,000 damages from ex-GP, Yorkshire Post, June 27, 2002
Valium to be ranked alongside morphine in list of 'danger drugs', The Independent, April 20, 2003
Valium withdrawn as patent expires, The Independent, January 30, 2002
Val's (Tanya's) Story
Victims of Tranquillisers - Objectives & Activities
Victory for Barry in anti-drug campaign, Oldham Chronicle, June 16, 2004
VOT Newsletter, August 1995 (PDF)

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Warning to doctors on stress drug: lorazepam, The Times, August 13, 1985
Website lifeline for victims worldwide, Scunthorpe Telegraph, November 23, 2002
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What about the victims of medical error? BMJ, Gurli Bagnall, August 6, 2001
What they don't tell you about prescription drugs, Good Housekeeping, May 2002
Why Valium? Ray Nimmo, October 7, 2002
Will the accused please rise! Gurli Bagnall, November 2001
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Xanax Facts and Whitney Houston, Dr Peter Breggin, February 22, 2012
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Xanax - A Voyage Into The Twilight Zone by Max Ricketts
Xanax Does Not Cure Anxiety by Max Ricketts
Xanax often abused for easy 'high', MSN & NBC News, January 29, 2002

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