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Joan E. Gadsby
Biographical Information

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  • Born Kincardine Ontario, Canada; grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario

  • Bachelor of Arts, University of Western Ontario, London, in Psychology, English and Journalism

  • Moved to North Vancouver, British Columbia 1963 and resident since

  • Post Graduate Studies in MBA Program, University of British Columbia in Marketing and Industrial Relations

  • PhD (Honorary) specializing in Prescription Drug Addiction, Medical Research, Public Health and Promotion, Alternative Medicines Research Institute, an arm of the AMR non governmental organization chartered in Europe (whose mission is education, advocacy and research) and affiliated with the Open International University for Complementary and Alternative Medicines. Accredited by the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Alternative Medical Association, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and recognized by the World Organization for Alternative Medicine.

  • 20 years of diversified senior level business experience in marketing, strategic planning, public affairs, government relations and issues management with 4 of Canada's largest companies. 8 years in senior management position with BC Provincial Government

  • President/Owner of Market Media International Corporation which provides with senior contract executive associates consulting services in strategic marketing and planning, business development, public affairs, government relations and issues management

  • Former elected poll topping Councillor, District of North Vancouver for 13 years

  • Former Consultant/Part time Faculty member "Leadership in Government" Program, Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

  • Author of book "Addiction By Prescription" - one woman's triumph and fight for change published by Key Porter Books, Toronto, Canada April 2000. Internationally endorsed by experts, chosen as non fiction choice for a Canadian writer and available internationally online at www.addictionbyprescription.com, www.amazon.com and www.chapters.indigo.ca or through bookstores. Book was one of the biggest hits at the Frankfurt Germany Book Fair in October 2000 and will be available in other languages in the future. Also released in paperback spring 2001

  • Co Executive Producer and Research Consultant of television documentary "Our Pill Epidemic" - the Shocking Story of a Society Hooked on Drugs which has been broadcast nationally on CTV (available for international broadcast and in video.) Videos available in North America 1-800-471-5628 International formats email info@crownvideo.com. Also available through www.addictionbyprescription.com

  • Wellness and Health Promotion Consultant to corporations, governments, healthcare and other organizations and to individuals on the subject of prescription drug addiction - (medical and legal consulting)

  • Project Leader/Consultant for development and implementation of national multi stakeholder strategic action plan and awareness campaign for benzodiazepines (currently in proposal stage seeking private/public sector funding)

  • Recognized international authority and public speaker on the responsible and informed use of benzodiazepines (tranquillizers and sleeping pills). Numerous guest appearances on national television, radio, other media and lecturer/presenter at Universities, international conferences, health and wellness shows

    Future Projects

  • Co Executive Producer - International TV Documentary

  • Creative Developer and Executive Producer of film/movie of the week project based on my book "Addiction By Prescription"

  • Second Book - "Against the Wind" - the fight for and process of systemic change


  • Selected as one of Canada's notable women, Canadian University Women's Club - 1994

  • National and British Columbia Board Member, Women Entrepreneurs of Canada 1999 - 2001 and member of International Alliance of Professional and Executive Women

  • Member Vancouver Board of Trade

  • Vice President of International Benzodiazepine Awareness Network (BAN) committed to responsible and informed use of tranquillizers, sleeping pills and antidepressants

  • Many other professional/business affiliations and recognitions. Extensive volunteer and community work.

  • Personal Data - An active mother and a classic car and convertible enthusiast who enjoys daily running, fitness, sports, dancing, boating, nature photography, fashion designing, music, travel, and reading

  • Visit homepage at www.addictionbyprescription.com and www.benzo.org.uk. Joan can be contacted at address, phone, fax (below) or email Joan E. Gadsby

September 18, 2002

Market-Media International Corp.
4507 Cedarcrest Ave., North Vancouver, BC, V7R 3R2, Canada
Phone: (604) 987-6064 Fax: (604) 987-6063
Email Joan E. Gadsby

Joan Gadsby's Main Page on this Site · Joan Gadsby's Prescription Addiction Website

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