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Joan E. Gadsby

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Joan Gadsby will be offering a limited special promotion on her book: "Addiction by Prescription", One Woman's Triumph and Fight for Change, either in hardcover or paperback as a result of negotiating special bulk purchases from her Publisher, as well as the video: "Our Pill Epidemic", the Shocking Story of a Society Hooked on Drugs.

For those who are not familiar with Joan and her work, she is an internationally recognized expert, public speaker and consultant on the responsible and informed use of tranquillizers, sleeping-pills and anti-depressants.

Joan is vice-president of the international Benzodiazepine Awareness Network (BAN), which can be found at www.benzo.org.uk. She is also Project Leader/Consultant for a multi-stakeholder strategic action plan and awareness campaign to address the issue.

Her book "Addiction by Prescription" which is "state of the art research" is internationally endorsed by experts such as Professor Malcolm Lader, Dr Reg Peart, Dr David Cohen and Professor Heather Ashton to name a few.

The documentary "Our Pill Epidemic" which Joan co-executive produced, investigates the shocking story of a society hooked on drugs and a worldwide health care system that has turned hundreds of thousands into medicine cabinet junkies.

This video which aired nationally as a TV Documentary exposes the walking wounded - the people who trusted their doctors and wound up losing their health, their jobs, their families and years of their lives.

This video asks how and why this can happen and is inspired by the true-life experiences of Joan, who has rebuilt her life after 23 years of chemical dependency to tranquillizers, sleeping-pills and anti-depressants after the death of her son.

She too trusted her doctor to do "no harm" and ended up suffering the consequences. She has been off all prescription drugs now for 12 years.

Joan is a former marketing Executive with four of Canada's largest companies and a former politician for 13 years at the local level.

She has recently been selected for a PhD by AMRI (Alternative Medicines Research Institute) and awarded this title based on her academic studies, professional skills/expertise and her 12 years of intensive research in this field.

For a limited period only:

The paperback is CAN $15 + plus shipping fees
The hardcover is CAN $20 + plus shipping fees
The video is CAN $15 + plus shipping fees (available in PAL Europe)

Paperback + video CAN $28 + plus shipping fees
Hardcover + video CAN $34 + plus shipping fees

Prepaid orders can be placed now by contacting:
Madelon Albulet by email at:
and/or send cheque or money order to:
Madelon Albulet
Box 100
Whonnock B.C.
V2W 1V9

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Market-Media International Corp.
4507 Cedarcrest Ave., North Vancouver, BC, V7R 3R2, Canada
Phone: (604) 987-6064 Fax: (604) 987-6063
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Joan E. Gadsby's Main Page

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