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Diazepam, Oxazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam and other benzodiazepines…involuntary addiction, Caroline Moore, December 14, 2015.


Misprescribing of a benzo leads to £1.35m settlement for Luke Montagu, Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry, July 18, 2015.

New Zealander loses legal fight over crippling med addiction, The Japan Times, March 13, 2012.

Solicitor reinstated after tribunal accepts sleeping tablets appeal, The Independent, January 16, 2012. Tribunal · See earlier news.

Doctors sued for creating 'Valium addicts', The Independent, December 29, 2011.

Benzo victim successfully sues doctor’s surgery, Wakefield Express November 18, 2011.

Benzo sufferer receives $640 a week compensation, Sunday Star-Times, New Zealand, September 26, 2004.

Arbitration in a special case, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, February 27, 2004.

Benzodiazepines: Malpractice Judgment in Germany, Ralf Gerlach, INDROeV, January 24, 2004.

Speech by Miss Caroline Moore, at the House of Commons, November 18, 2002.

Advocate wins compensation for Ativan patient, Waikato Times, New Zealand, October 2, 2002.

Valium addict wins pay-out of £40,000, The Observer, June 23, 2002.

Mogadon man sues for loss of £3.5m business, Daily Telegraph, November 9, 2001.

Former User of Klonopin Sues Doctors, Boston Globe, November 4, 2001.

Valium Father to sue, Mail on Sunday, June 22, 1997.

Man can sue over "26-year misdiagnosis", The Daily Telegraph, May 10, 1997.

Defendant acquitted of murder due to Valium, Law Society Gazette, July 22, 1987.

Tranquilliser 'addict' wins $20,000 in damages, The Age, Australia, May 13, 1986.


• "Only one person has managed to obtain compensation from the Pharmaceutical Companies for Tranquilliser addiction. Iain Caldwell in Scotland received a no liability settlement of over £100,000 for alleged addiction to Roche Product's Mogadon (nitrazepam) after a 13 year legal battle." APPG Report, Michael Behan, January 22, 2009.


A Medico-Legal Scandal – and still it continues, Simon Kaberry, 2006.

Seeking Justice for the Victims of Tranquillisers, Health Spectrum, February 2, 2001.

Benzodiazepine Tranquillisers: Extract from the Application to the European Court of Human Rights. Prepared by Andrew Buchan (Barrister) and Henrietta Hill (Barrister), January 1998.

Opinion of Counsel for the Tranquilliser Addiction Solicitors' Group Re: Ativan Cases, March 1997.

Excluded Benzo cases may get LAB rescue, The Law Society Gazette, May 27, 1992.

Benzo time alert, The Law Society Gazette, November 13, 1991.

Benzodiazepine litigation begins, The Law Society Gazette, January 23, 1991.

Benzodiazepine litigation, The Law Society Gazette, January 9, 1991.

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