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Oldham Chronicle
June 12, 2003

Uppermill tranquilliser campaigner Barry Haslam has succeeded in taking his case to Europe.

Mr Haslam, who battled addiction to the benzodiazepine Ativan for 10 years, called on Oldham’s Euro-MP Chris Davies to get help for sufferers who have been damaged by addiction to prescribed drugs.

And Mr Davies has asked the European Commission to agree to amend proposals for preventing and reducing risks associated with drug dependence, and getting best practice treatment of, and support for, patients with withdrawal symptoms.

Mr Davies said: "Medical misrepresentation of benzodiazepines has led to many cases of addiction and severe mental problems amongst patients, but the drugs are also stolen and sold extensively for use in association with illegal drugs."

And the Commission says it is likely to agree.

A written answer to Mr Davies says the commission is aware that addiction to legal pharmacological products is a large and complex problem.

It is likely to support his amendment, and work is likely to start this year on building an inventory of existing studies into the drug problems.

Mr Haslam said: "The reply from the commission is very encouraging and if it is confirmed I would hope to work with Chris Davies on future plans and submission to the Council of Europe."

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