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Oldham Chronicle
March 8, 2004

Details of any Oldham doctor who has been charged with serious professional misconduct for over-prescribing tranquillisers have been demanded by campaigner Barry Haslam.

Mr Haslam, from Uppermill, has written to the chief executive of the General Medical Council, Finlay Scott, demanding answers.

He says the seriousness of people addicted to long-term prescribed benzodiazepine drugs has been recognised in Oldham, where the primary care trust has set up a pilot project.

Mr Haslam was a consultant when the tender for the contract, to provide care and support for addicts, was being awarded.

Work is due to start next month, and he added: "We currently have 5,200 people long-term legally addicted to benzodiazepine drugs in Oldham.

"The situation has arisen because the doctors and psychiatrists have knowingly and deliberately broken guidelines on prescribing the drugs."

And he is asking for details of any doctors in the Oldham area charged with serious professional misconduct for over prescribing.

"If none exist", Mr Haslam asked, "why has the GMC taken no steps to rectify this appalling situation we have in Oldham and throughout the country?"

Mr Haslam, who is disabled after being addicted to Ativan, said the Hippocratic oath traditionally sworn by doctors says 'first do no harm to your patient'.

He said the GMC is already investigating seven doctors from a practice in Essex for over-prescribing and not monitoring patients.

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