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Don't get angry - get active,
says campaigner Barry

Oldham Evening Chronicle
Wednesday, August 22, 2001

by Janice Barker

Uppermill campaigner
Barry Haslam is a star

Mental health charity Mind has named Barry Haslam in its magazine - Mind in Action - as the charity's star campaigner for his work on tranquilliser addictions.

The magazine describes how he has been fighting for the rights of benzodiazepine addicts for years, after he had to wean himself off a tranquilliser addiction which left him with neurological problems and no memories of his children growing up.

The article states: "For a long time he was angry about his experiences, but now he's focussed his anger on helping other people in the same position.

"And he seems to be making progress.

"Barry is involved in the group, Oldham Tranx. Just after Labour were elected they invited local MP Phil Woolas to a meeting.

"Since then Phil has been helping to set up meetings with select committees and Ministers.

"Barry has also been making links with local hospitals and drug addiction agencies who say coming off Benzos can be harder than coming off heroin."

Mr Haslam said: "Sue Brown, the Mind campaigns manager, just rang me up and told me they were doing this.

"At least it will be good publicity about the effects of the drugs.

"I'm always available if people want to ring me about the effects of the drugs, or about the campaign - publicity keeps this in the public eye."

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