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Drugs Blindfold

Oldham Chronicle
January 15, 2002

No wonder the Medicines Control Agency is shunning Barry Haslam's letters to help benzodiazepine addicts (January 10).

I should think that they are embarrassed about the huge problem that these drugs have caused and the facts with which Barry Haslam has repeatedly confronted them.

How much longer are they going to ignore the pain and suffering - and are they willing to let it continue indefinitely?

Maybe GPs are contemplating prescribing less of these addictive drugs but there is also the enormous problem to tackle on the tablets entering the black market.

I have first-hand experience of youths 'acquiring' temazepam or diazepam and quickly becoming addicted to them. I nave seen how their mental state and behaviour patterns alter and the effect this has on them and those around them. I have seen these people turn to crime; not to steal to obtain more drugs for apparently they are cheap - no, the drug is responsible for altering their behaviour so dramatically and so critically I have seen them change from amiable human beings to uncontrollable maniacs. I have seen them suicidal. So, maybe if Junior Health Minister Hazel Blears had seen so much would she rethink her statement: "We only classify drugs according to their misuse".

I am appalled! To ignore this huge problem, ubiquitous in our society is to walk through life wearing a blindfold.

Some people do.


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