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The Shocking Story of a Society
Hooked on Drugs

September 17, 2002

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OUR PILL EPIDEMIC investigates the shocking story of a society hooked on drugs and a worldwide health care system that has turned hundreds of thousands into medicine cabinet junkies. This powerful tv documentary examines how prescription drug addiction to benzodiazepines (tranquillizers and sleeping pills) and anti depressants is far more gripping and debilitating than addiction to heroin or cocaine. Many users of these legal drugs, prescribed by physicians, are unaware of the serious short and long-term side effects, withdrawals, and the potential for brain damage and become "Accidental Addicts".

This 45 minute video which aired nationally as a TV Documentary exposes the walking wounded - the people who trusted their doctors and wound up losing their health, their jobs, their families, and years of their lives. The video asks how and why this can happen. It explores the new generation of users of antidepressants, i.e Prozac; Ritalin, for children and Tylenol painkillers with expert opinions from physicians, psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychopharmacologists, detox and treatment centre specialists, and counsellors in the field of chemical dependency.

The roles of doctors, pharmaceutical companies, government, pharmacists, and consumers are investigated with a strong CALL TO ACTION message to prevent this ongoing epidemic through education, acceptance of responsibility and accountability, and reduction within a market-driven system which creates a society crippled by the effects of mind and mood-altering drugs.

Hosted by award winning tv documentary producer, Jack McGaw, the program was inspired by the true-life experiences of Marketing Executive and former Councillor Joan E. Gadsby, who has rebuilt her life after 23 years of chemical dependency to tranquillizers, sleeping pills and anti depressants prescribed after the death of her son. Produced by Documentary Productions Ltd. Co. Executive Produced by Joan Gadsby.

Joan Gadsby is also Author of an internationally endorsed book "Addiction By Prescription" One Woman's Triumph and Fight for Change. Available online at www.addictionbyprescription.com.

She is President/Owner of Market-Media International Corp. and lives in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. A former marketing executive with four of Canada's largest companies, she was an elected poll-topping Councillor for 13 years. Drug-free for over twelve years, Gadsby's quality of life has improved tenfold. In 1994, she was selected as one of Canada's notable women by the Canadian University Women's Club and in 2002 received her Honourary PhD in Prescription Drug Addiction, Medical Research, Public Health and Promotion.

An internationally recognized expert and public speaker on the responsible and informed use of tranquillizers, sleeping pills and anti-depressants, Joan Gadsby is vice-president of the International Benzodiazepine Awareness Network (BAN) and her homepage can be found at www.benzo.org.uk. She is also Project Leader/Consultant for a multi-stakeholder strategic action plan and awareness campaign to address the issue. She is a health and wellness consultant to corporations, governments and healthcare organizations.

  • Worldwide sales of prescription drugs are an estimated $300 billion yearly with tranquillizers, sleeping pills and antidepressants an estimated $75 billion.

  • Inappropriate prescribing and uninformed use of prescriptions cost health care systems billions of dollars each year.

  • Long term use of tranquillizers and sleeping pills can result in brain damage which can be permanent.

  • 40% of impaired or dead drivers show prescription drugs in their system

Addiction by Prescription

  • By Joan Gadsby

  • $19.95 pb 1-55263-334-9

  • $29.95 hc 1-55263-156-7

  • May 2001

Book and Video

Joan Gadsby can be reached
for international consulting
and speaking engagements at:

4507 Cedarcrest Ave,
North Vancouver,
BC., V7R 3R2 Canada
Phone: (604) 987 - 6064
Fax: (604) 987 - 6063
or Email Joan E. Gadsby

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  • online at www.addictionbyprescription.com

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