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(Email to Dawn Primarolo, Health Minister)
May 30, 2008

Dear Ms Primarolo,

In April 1989 you posed the following Parliamentary Question:

If there are any plans to introduce a compensation system for people whose lives have been damaged by benzodiazepine addiction.

At the time Roger Freeman replied that there were no such plans but now as Health Minister you are in the best position to answer your own question and implement a strategy to help me and the millions of other people who have been maimed, degraded and impoverished by benzodiazepines and the government employees who still freely peddle them.

The question I have to ask you is: do you have the decency and moral fibre to address the benzo issue or will you be silenced by the duplicitous department you serve?

You have posed around 50 other parliamentary questions on the same topic since 1989 including asking in December 1989:

What funds will be allocated under central funding initiative to projects in catering specifically for benzodiazepine dependence in 1989-90.

You and I and the countless numbers of people abused by this class of drugs have waited far too long for answers to these very urgent questions.

The ball is now squarely in your court.


Ray Nimmo
owner of www.benzo.org.uk

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